Randwick Netball Association | 2017

Randwick Netball Association is the competition into which we enter our winter teams.  A traditional association with a proud history as one of Sydney's oldest netball associations, Randwick games are played at Heffron Park in Maroubra.

Our Juniors teams play in divisions based on age and graded into divisions between 1 and 5 based on ability.

The first game of the 2017 season will be played on 29th April 2017.

RNA is our 'Competitive' season, and we form teams based on ability in order to remain competitive within the Association.  Our teams are 'Graded' within divisions based on the previous year's results - and in 2016, we envisage our teams being entered into Divisions 2 and 3 - representing a jump of up to 3 divisions.

On that basis, please note that we will not be taking into account 'friendships' when forming teams.

For our 'Social' competition - please join our Summer Competition from October 2017 - where we fully support girls participating with their friends.



RNA is our 'Competitive' season, and we form teams based on ability as all of our teams will be progressing UP the divisions based on last year's results.  On that basis, please note that we will not be taking into account 'friendships' when forming teams and there are no guarantees that your daughter will be with the same core group of players they have been with previously.

Club Information for Winter 2017 | JUNIORS

In 2017, we currently have the coaching staff to form the following teams.  We invite parents to join our 'Coaching Development Program' to allow our club to offer more places to more players!

Please review the following information in full.  There are training time changes for 2017, where older teams will train on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm. This is due to coach availability AND the need for a number of our players to attend Representative Team Training on Tuesdays.

We have confirmed coaches to service the following teams.  Once we reach the capacity listed below, we will require a parent or friend to step into the role of 'Assistant Coach' to accept additional players in that age group. 

Turning 7 or 8 : Max 9 Players to form 1 team
Turning 9 or 10: Max 20 Players to form 2 teams
Turning 11: Max 9 Players
Turning 12: Max 10 Players
Turning 13: Max 11 Players
Turning 14 or 15:  Max 18 Players combined


      Our fees are variable depending on age, and are made up of 2 components: 
      Association fees are what the club pay to RNA to administer the league and Club Fees that are used by Bondi Phoenix to cover the cost of:

      • Court hire
      • Coaching staff
      • Umpiring Staff
      • Training Equipment and aids
      • Club administration

      These fees are broken down in the registration page - but typically the total weekly cost for 22 weeks of netball is around $27 per week for up to 3 hours of organised activity.

        Fees Payment Schedule:

          Fees are due in full by 1st March 2017
          A minimum 25% deposit is due immediately

              Dates (a full list of dates is available on our Club Calendar):

                Pre-Registration - open now (2016 members only)
                  General Registration - 9th January 2017 (general public can now join)
                    Registration closes - when we reach capacity OR on 1st March 2017
                      Team Formation Events - Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th March 2017
                        Training Commences - the week commencing 13th March 2017
                          1st Game - 29th April 2017 

                                Training will take place on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.  Typically, girls aged 7 to 11 will train on Tuesdays between 4pm and 6:30pm, with the older girls aged 12 to 15 training on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm.  The time of your daughter's training will be determined by the Head Coach of the age group that she is playing with.

                                General Information:

                                Based on previous years, Saturday games are played as follows:

                                Age 7, 8 and 9 (Game Times Vary from 8:30pm to midday depending on age and division)
                                10 Years (8:30am game time)
                                11 Years (9:45am game time)
                                12 Years (11:05am Game time)
                                13 Years (11:05am Game time)
                                14 Years (12:30am Game time)
                                15 Years (9:45am Game time)

                                • No team will have fewer than 8 players
                                • The maximum number of players per team is 9 players
                                • Players will be graded into teams based on ability
                                • Players may be graded into a team within a higher age group