Bondi Phoenix Netball Club

This page is for the registration of players who turned 16 and above any time in 2018.

Players who played in Bondi Phoenix's Inters team in RNA's Winter 2017 should register here.

                                               LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER!

                               LATE REGISTRATIONS FOR WINTER 2018 WILL BE
                                       ACCEPTED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY


* This team will train at HEFFRON PARK on WEDNESDAYS 7.30PM - 9PM
* This team will be trained by our Senior Coach Cathy
* This team will be coached on game days by our Senior Coach Cathy
* The team will provide their own umpire for every game
* The team will be registered in an appropriate division in Randwick Netball Association's Winter Competition.
* The games will be played in the afternoons on Saturdays at Heffron Park, Maroubra.
* The games are expected to start at 1.42pm or 3pm.
* Players will be required to meet 30 minutes prior to the start of the game (as directed by the Coach, on a weekly basis).
* TRAINING STARTS on Wednesday 28th March 2018
* FIRST GAME is on Saturday 28th April 2018
* Last regular season game is on Saturday 25th August 2018
* Finals are scheduled between Saturday 1st September 2018 and Saturday 15th September 2018 (with Saturday 22nd September 2018 scheduled as a spare playing day).
* There are no trainings or games during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS except GAME 1 on 28th April 2018 (the Saturday just before Term II starts)


* RNA PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE = $140 (per player, per season)
* BONDI PHOENIX CLUB FEE = $35 (per player, per season)
* Each player is required to pay $50 to cover umpire fees for the season
* Fees are due in full by 1st June 2018
* A minimum 50% deposit is due at the time of registration.

(1) There is a 3% payment processing fee added by our merchant to all payments.
(2) The RNA PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE is the fee we have to pay RNA to register your player.


* Registration OPENS: Registrations are open now
* Registration CLOSES: Registrations will close on Sunday 25th February 2018 at 5pm OR EARLIER if team capacity is reached prior to this date.

(1) Please register your player/s as soon as you are able to do so as places are strictly limited.
(2) The CLOSE DATE is strict and the website will not be able to accept registrations after this date.


All players must play in the designated Bondi Phoenix uniform for the team. The uniform for this team is the BONDI PHOENIX SENIOR PLAYING DRESS. If you do not own one (or need a replacement), they can be purchased from the 'Shop' on this website.


* For the RNA Winter Season we form teams that will be able to compete at the highest level appropriate for each particular team.
* The team will be registered into a suitable DIVISION based on the team's overall ability.
* Players will be placed into teams based on their age, playing experience and ability and not on the basis of friendship groups.
* We cannot guarantee that your player will play with the same player/s from previous seasons.


Training - 28th March [1ST TRAINING WINTER 2018 SEASON]
Training – 4th April
Trainng – 11th April
NO TRAINING – 17th April, 24th April [SCHOOL HOLIDAYS]
Game 1 – 28th April
Training 4 – 2nd May
Game 2 – 5th May
Training 5 – 9th May
Game 3 – 12th May
Training 6 – 16th May
Game 4 – 19th May
Training 7 – 23rd May
Game 5 – 26th May
Training 8 – 30th May
Game 6 – 2nd June
Training 9 – 6th June


Training 10 - 14th June
Game 7 – 16th June
Training 11 – 20th June
Game 8 – 23rd June
Training 12 – 27th June
Game 9 – 30th June

NO TRAINING – 3rd July, 10th July, 17th July [SCHOOL HOLIDAYS]
NO GAMES – 7th July, 14th July, 21st July [SCHOOL HOLIDAYS]

Training 13 – 25th July
Game 10 – 28th July
Training 14 – 1st August
Game 11 – 4th August
Training – 15 – 8th August
Game 12 – 11th August
Training 16 – 15th August
Game 13 – 18th August
Training 17 – 22nd August
Game 14 – 25th August

Training 18 – 29th August
Semi Finals – 1st September
Training 19 – 5th September
Game – 8th September
Training 20 – 12th September
Grand Finals – 15th September
Spare Game Day – 22nd September

A full list of dates is available on our Club Calendar.


  • $ 155 Association Game Fees
  • $ 35 Club Fees
  • $ 5.70 Payment Processing Fee (Per Player)
Note: The registration period for this Season has closed.


Cathy Hansen
Beckie Leach
JK Menon